Sunday, February 3, 2013


Lover's Knot Child's Plate, c. 1840

Try the Lover's Knot Puzzle!

Lover's Knot 19th century children's plates
In preparation for Valentine's Day, I am going to write about what I call a "Lover's Knot" pattern.   The pattern, although printed on plate intended for a child, may also have been a love token for an adult.  The puzzle in the knot is quite tricky.  The clue is to find the starting word and turn the plate around in order to find the next words.  It is a bit like being in a maze.  Here is the poem, but you need to follow it on the plate!  "Ah woe is me my tender heart is pierced by Cupid's fatal dart/Long time against its point I strove/But oh how strange to strive 'gainst Love/The wound I have is almost through/And only can be healed by you/Loving true like the Dove/An endless round of blameless love."  I have yet to see an adult figure out how to follow the poem without help the first time.  Good Luck!

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