Monday, October 7, 2013


I am going to visit Philadelphia.  I lived there for the first 22 years of my life.  Even though I have spent more that 40 years in California, I still feel like a Philadelphian.   I certainly still sound like one!

Although I don't generally collect tranferware printed with American historical views, I do collect Philadelphia views (or at least the more common and less expensive items).  The Transferware Collectors Club shows 31 Philadelphia views, but I shall show you three of my favorites.

The Dam and Water Works, Philadelphia by Henshall, Williamson & Co. (1790-1828), 10 in. plate

Fair Mount Near Philadelphia by Joseph Stubbs (1822-1834), 10 in. plate/Notice the eagles in the border
Below is a souvenir for a child.  It features a goldfinch.  I would love to find this mug in a souvenir shop!
Present from Philadelphia by Maker Unknown, ca. 1830, 2.25 in. mug


  1. Well Judie, you know I love this posting. I would also love to find the little Goldfinch mug! Hometown pride. Hoping to see you in Philly.