Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Enoch Wood & Sons Sporting Series 10 inch plate known as Two Deer, ca. 1825
David and I were walking in the hills south of San Francisco on Saturday when we came upon quite a few grazing deer.  I thought they were lovely.  My sister calls them vermin with antlers, as they eat everything, even her roses! I think the deer may be California mule deer or black tail deer (it seems the difference has to do with the growth habit of the buck's antlers).  I would have thought it had to do with the color of the tail! 

Deer grazing by the side of the road in Portola Valley, California
They left when we approached them!
There are many deer patterns on transferware.  I shall show your just a few of my favorites.  If you notice some resemblance between the patterns, it is because some are copied from the same source prints.  See if you can spot them.

Minton Bewick Stag 9.5 inch plate, ca. 1820

John & William Ridgway Fallow Deer 9.75 inch plate from the Rural Scenery series, ca. 1820

Maker Unknown, Deer and Folly (given name) 6.25 inch plate/The pattern was the same on all items in the dinner service
Enoch Wood & Sons Sporting Series 9.88 inch by 7.88 inch platter known as Stag or Red Deer, ca. 1825

John Hall (& Sons) platter with the Stag or Red Deer pattern, ca. 1825

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