Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Child's 7.5 inch plate, ca. 1840/Notice the charming animals in the border
Thirty years!  We met in September 1983 and married in May 1984.  Lucky me.

Judie and David/May 6, 1984
I haven't found a lot of transferware that celebrates marriage.  The Village Wedding above is a bit sweet.  The one below a bit formal.

Child's 6.25 inch plate, ca. 1840
Luckily, I have a plate that says David!

Child's 5.5 inch plate, John Roger's & Son (1815-1842)

Judie and David today/It was hard to find a photo of the two of us because I am usually taking the photos!


  1. Absolutely lovely photos and congratulations to you both. Yet again, two designs that are new to me. Perhaps they were treasured by families and have never reappeared on the market!

  2. The Village Wedding must be rare. I hoped I'd discover the manufacturer because of the distinctive molded border. I found David on eBay about six months ago. I usually sell everything, but David is unusual. My husband and son are both named David, so I shall keep this one. Thank you for your good wishes! We are off to Half Moon Bay to hike near the ocean.