Monday, September 1, 2014


Minton (1793-1872) Arabesque pattern treacle jar, ca. 1840
I purchased a jar with a flat screw lid because I liked the floral pattern. I hadn't a clue as to its use, but I knew I would enjoy the research.  I learned that the jar was used to store treacle, which is the English word for what Americans and Canadians call molasses.  The screw top, which is unusual for 19th century pottery, was necessary to keep out ants and other insects.

Minton Arabesque pattern treacle jar showing both sides of the screw lid

Hunting pattern treacle jar

Treacle jar Cattle pattern

Treacle jar

Treacle jar

Aesthetic Movement pattern treacle jar
As you can imagine, the earthenware screw lids  (and threading on the inside of the jars) were delicate.  If you screwed the lid on too tightly, it could break! 

The threading on the inside of the Minton jar/Notice that it is cracked in places

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