Sunday, February 15, 2015


"For My Dear Girl" child's plate, ca. 1830

Children's china was often intended as a reward for good behavior, doing well in school or behaving in church.  It was also a gift of love.  My granddaughter is five today.  She has been a gift from the moment she was born. 

Here are some transferware patterns intended for dear (or good) girls.

"For A Good Girl" child's 2.5 inch mug, ca. 1820

"For a good Girl" child's 7 inch plate, ca. 1830

"A Present for a Good Girl" child's 3 inch mug, ca. 1840

"For a good Girl" child's 7 inch plate, ca. 1830

"For A Good Girl" child's alphabet mug, ca. 1820

Libby (Maya's great grandmother) at five and Maya at almost five/Libby is wearing bloomers, Maya is wearing leggings


  1. Wonderful pottery and such pretty girls! I love having two granddaughters now after having four sons - but I'm so boy-orientated that girls are a bit of a mystery to me.

  2. I have three sons and six grandsons! Maya and I tell stories about being little girls together. It is such fun!