Monday, March 30, 2015


"Behold him rising from the grave" 5.75 inch plate with a molded daisy border, ca. 1840.  The verse is taken from an 1832 edition of Isaac Watts' (1674-1748) "Divine Songs for Children." This illustration, in turn, is taken from Piero della Francesca's "Resurrection" fresco in Borgo San Sepolco.

Easter is more than yellow chicks and jelly beans.  For the 19th century child and for many children today, it means church and the story of the Crucifixion.  Here are some plates that may have been Easter or Sunday School gifts.

Child's plate,  The Crucifixion: "Jesus When He Had Cried Again With A Loud Voice Yeilded (sic) Up The Ghost," ca, 1830

Child's 6.3 inch plate "Christ Crucified." 

Although the plates above are an excellent jumping off place to begin a serious religious discussion, I prefer giving my young grandchildren plates patterned with chicks and bunnies.

Children's plates featuring chicks and chickens, all circa 1830-1840

Children's plates featuring rabbits, circa 1830-1880

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