Sunday, September 13, 2015


Close-up of the center of the Beehive and Vases platter

The only food we derive from insects is honey from the honeybee.  Bees are important!  I have already written about dangers to bees in my post "Bees And Transferware."  This post is about honey and the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which begins today at sundown.   It is customary on Rosh Hashanah to eat food dipped in honey or made with honey to symbolize a sweet New Year.  I remember dipping apples in honey and eating my grandmother's delicious honey cake when I was a little girl.

Beehives and bees are popular transferware patterns because people have always admired and benefited from them.   Here are a few of my favorite bee related patterns.

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) Beehive and Cottage pattern  plate, ca. 1825

Davenport (1794-1887) Beehive in a Skep pattern, ca. 1825

Ralph Stevenson & Williams (1825-1827) Beehive and Vases platter, ca. 1825

L'Shanah Tova/Happy New Year!

Honeybee on the Armistad salvia in my garden.  Thanks to David Hoexter for the photo!

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  1. Happy New Year and may this one "Bee the Best"! No, it's not meant to bee political. - Ed Rigoulot