Monday, September 18, 2017


Early 19th century gifts of affection.

I have always loved early 19th century ceramic tokens of affection.  In particular, I love the transferware plates and mugs intended for children because at a time when life, particularly a child's life, was so fragile there is a poignancy attached to every ceramic plate or mug.  There are many patterns in the Children's Subjects/Gifts For Good Children category in the Transferware Collectors Club database, but I thought I'd focus on patterns that were from and for family members.

Child's shell-edge 5.25 inch plate, "From an Affectionate Mother," ca. 1820.

Child's 2.25 inch mug "From Affectionate Parents," ca. 1820-30.

Child's 2.06 inch mug "A Grandfather's Gift."

Child's 2 inch mug "A Grandmother's Gift."

Child's 2.23 inch mug "Gift From A Sister."

Child's 5.25 inch plate "A Mothers (sic) Gift."

Child's 4.5 inch plate "A Present from my Uncle."

Child's 4.2 inch plate "For my Neice (sic)."

Child's 2.5 inch mug "A Present for my Neice (sic)."
Child's mug, size unknown, "A Present for my Nephew."

The last photo shows a tricky inscription: "For My Favourite."  I suggest that there is only a favorite child when there is only one child!  Perhaps this plate was intended as a love token.  Are there ceramic love tokens?  Take a look at my blog post "Ceramic Valentines."

Child's 5.25 inch plate "For My Favourite."

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