Thursday, April 25, 2013


In a bit of a segue (actually more than a bit), I am going to show you a wall in my sister Janet Rudolph's house.  She has some lovely Stubbs Shell pieces.   She also has a large platter and some plates from Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) Irregular Shell Border Series,  a  plate from Stubbs' Spread Eagle Border Series (a seaside scene) and other transferware pieces.   She mixed these patterns with American themed embroideries, wooden eagles, a  19th century Seth Thomas double face clock and other antiques.   As much as I enjoy studying transferware, it is even more fun (for me) to see how people live and decorate with it.
Janet's Transferware Display
It is difficult to see the transferware patterns on Janet's wall (the photo is too small), but the large platter (20 Inches) under the Stubbs Shell platter (see my Shells post, is from Enoch Wood & Son's Shell Border Series (Irregular or Grotto-Shaped Center).   The view is "Christianburg Danish Settlement on the Gold Coast Africa."  The shells in the border are spectacular.  The plate in the same series (10 inches) shows a view of the ship  "Chief Justice Marshall, Troy,"  a steamship that plied the Hudson.  The last photos show pictures of the 8.5 inch plate in the Stubbs' Shell series and "Nahant Hotel, Near Boston" in Stubbs' Spread Eagle Border Series.

Enoch Wood & Sons "Christianburg Danish Settlement on the Gold Coast Africa" 20" platter

Enoch Wood & Sons "Chief Justice Marshall, Troy" 10" plate

Stubbs & Kent Shell Series 8.5" plate

Joseph Stubbs, "Nahant, Near Boston" 9" plate

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