Sunday, April 28, 2013


My husband David collects sand.  There are odder things to collect, but probably nothing cheaper.  Except for the travel expense (but we were going there anyway).  We have sand from all over the world.  Even friends collect it for us. 

One of my favorite transferware patterns is titled "Nahant Hotel (near) Boston." Nahant was one of America's first resort hotels. It was built in the early 19th century and burnt down in 1861.  The scene shows the hotel surrounded by ocean and beach.  People are walking, riding in carriages, and fishing, but I don't see anyone bathing in the ocean.   The 9 inch plate is part of a large series of American views by Joseph Stubbs (1822-1834) known as the Spread Eagle Border Series (see the large eagles in the border). The pattern is copied from an engraving by Annin & Smith and J.R. Penniman dated May 1, 1825.  For more information about the pattern, follow the link to the online exhibit "Patriotic America" which is sponsored by the Transferware Collectors Club, the Winterthur Museum, and Historic New England;

David and I, accompanied by Dick Henrywood, visited Nahant in 2003 to see if we could figure out where the hotel was located and to collect sand for David's collection.  We're not sure that we found the hotel site, but we did get some sand.

"Nahant Hotel (near) Boston" by Joseph Stubbs

Source print for "Nahant Hotel (near) Boston"

Possible site of the Nahant Hotel (lots of sand)

Vial of sand from Nahant, MA

Map of Nahant, MA


  1. Nahant Hotel was on East Point; it burned to the ground in 1861 and the land is now a meadow over the rocky coast.

  2. On the attached map it is the area just above the label 'Northwestern Univ. Edwards Laboratory.'