Sunday, November 24, 2013


Nineteenth century British transfer printed soap dishes could be some of the most ephemeral items.  Soap, water, and china eventually meet with disaster!  I have only owned a few soap dishes in the last 20 years.  Here is one of my favorites from the early 19th century.

Soap dish, ca. 1825/Known as Lovick or Lovick's for the name of the China and Glass Emporium found printed on the bottom
Top of the Lovick's soap dish

Drainer and bottom of the Lovick's soap dish with the lid on the side

All three parts of the Lovick's soap dish/bottom, drainer and lid/A handle on the lid would have been a good idea!


  1. The soap dish design is looking very beautiful. I am looking first time this type of products. The color combination of soap dish is totally amazing. I will purchase this soap dish from my local market or online store.

  2. Hi Seema,

    I hope you find a lovely soap dish. This was one of my favorites. I no longer own it, however.