Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I have been intrigued with transferware items printed in yellow on a brown body.  My husband likes this style of printing so much that I often give it to him as a present (although I rarely find it).  When I searched the Pattern And Source Print Database of the Transferware Collectors Club,  I found 22 patterns printed in yellow on a brown body.  Michael Bailey of England calls it "Yellow Printed Brownware" or YPB.

Maker Unknown, Chinoiserie (Chinese style) Mug, 4.5 inches high, ca. 1810.  

Maker Unknown, Plate, 6.5 inches, ca. 1810

Maker Unknown, Eastern Port pattern jug, 5.5 inches high, ca. 1810

Most of the YPB patterns are Chinoiserie (in the Chinese style), but a few are printed with patterns intended for children.  Children's patterns are my favorites.  YPB is quite early, dating from around 1810, so it is lovely that items intended for children have survived so long.  If you want to learn more about YPB, take a look at the TCC link to an article titled Yellow Transfer Printed Brownware.

Maker Unknown, 2.5 inch child's mug, ca. 1810

Maker Unknown, child's alphabet mug, ca. 1810

Maker Unknown, Child's Mug, 2.5 inches high, ca. 1810/Notice the lovely saying on the mug
Most of the items found are jugs, cider mugs, small plates (really rare) and children's mugs.  I have never seen a tea or dinner service.  That, however, doesn't mean they don't exist!


  1. Hi Judi, I have tried to find the 22 patterns in the data base, but it will only give me three. What is the secret?
    Over my many years as a dealer, I sold quite a lot of YPB. I had one collector in NYC who had a huge collection of well over 100 pieces. Many sounded quite unusual and I'm sorry that I was never able to go and see and photograph it. He especially liked non-chinoiserie patterns (unless they were very large or rare) and everything had to be mint or as near to it as possible. I'll admit, that in all my hunting, I never found a childs mug, but I did find some very interesting patterns and shapes including a childs tea set. Please help me find a way into the YPB section. Thanks.
    Rita Cohen

  2. Hi Rita,

    Put the words yellow transfer in the General Search, and they will all come up.

    I own two of the children's mugs. I would love to find more. I also own the Chinoiserie items and the plate. David loves them. Let me know if you have any photos of YPB. Expecially the child's tea set. Thanks for looking at my blog!

  3. Hi Rita, i was wondering if you had seen the YPB produced by Scott Brothers pottery of Sunderland ? Its worth a look if your interested. Cheers.