Friday, June 24, 2016


Wolf Spider found in my garden on June 20, 2016

While gardening the other day, I chanced upon a large spider, a female with an egg sack, in the pot I planned to use.  I had David move her to safety (and I moved away safely).  I then wondered if there were many spiders printed on transferware.  Here are a few.

Maker unknown 6.6 inch tile features a large spider and web, ca, 1880.
Minton Hollins & Co. (1868-1962) "Little Miss Muffit" 6.6 inch tile, ca. 1880. 

Baker, Bevans & Irwin (1814-1838) 10 inch plate "The Ladies of Llangollen."  The border appears to have spider webs as part of the design.  Perhaps I was just desperate to show you another spider pattern!

Maya climbing on a spider web

I didn't find many spider patterns.  Perhaps you have some to show me.  Please!  You might want to read about the wolf spider (see the link above).  It's rather interesting.  I have lived in California since 1971, and this is the first time I have seen one.

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