Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I love the saying on this pot and mug, "No handicraft can With our art compare/We make our pots of What we potters are," so I wanted to know more about it. It is obvious what the saying means, but I wondered about its genesis. I thought it might be Biblical, as the relationship between clay, God and humans appears in Genesis, but the best I could discover is that this is an old potters' saying. On the few items I have found, the wording is similar, but the word handycraft is spelled in different ways.

Davenport child's plate printed with a popular potters' saying, "No Handycraft can with Our art compare/We make our Pots of What we Potters are." Clay, of course!

A yellowware pot printed with the potters' saying on the base and the alphabet on the lid. 

A 2.5 inch high beaker printed with the potters' motto

A child's mug printed with the potters' saying. Notice that handicraft is two words.

A child's yellow printed brownware mug featuring the potters' saying.

I wish I had more to show you. Let me know if you have any patterns with this saying.

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