Wednesday, July 31, 2013


To paraphrase Dylan Thomas,  "Today is my sixty-ninth year to heaven."  The beginning of my seventieth year.  I am a war baby, not a baby boomer.  Born during the nadir of the 20th century,  I came of age during the affluent fifties.  My life has been blessed with mostly good things.  I have plenty of comforts;  family, friends, love, and work.   My mother is hosting my birthday lunch.  My granddaughter will be there.  Life is good.  (Kinehora!)*

"A Birth Day Gift" child's mug/iron red transfer with yellow glaze, circa 1820

Nineteenth century child's plate with a molded alphabet border.  The words are Dutch for "Happy Day Of Your Birth." 

* Kinehora is the Jewish equivalent of "Knock on Wood."