Friday, July 19, 2013


I purchased a very charming but very damaged plate in 1982.  As I have said before, condition is a moot point when a pattern is lovely and rare (See Mona's Isle And A Lesson In Transferware Condition,  I was never able to learn anything about the pattern until I read John Griffin's book "The Don Pottery" in 2002 (published in 2001).  There on p. 113 was a photo of my pattern!  The plate in the book is marked with the transfer printed lion mark.  John told me it was a rare pattern, and he hoped "that the roses were the thornless variety."

Don Pottery (1801-1839) Cherub And Roses 10 inch plate/Notice the extreme wear to the center
I would like a perfect example, but in the last 31 years I have not seen another plate in this pattern for sale.  In the meantime, I have enjoyed looking at this charming cherub!

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