Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My friend, Dora, has a lovely display of 19th century pepper pots.  You might think they could also be salt shakers, but they were only intended for pepper.  You would have used a salt dish or what is  known as a salt cellar for the salt.  Additionally, unlike today,  pepper and salt containers were not sold as pairs.   Although the pepper pots vary in shape and size, they are similar to today's pepper shaker.  Look carefully, and you'll see that the holes are on the top and on the sides near the top.  The pot is in one piece and has a hole in the bottom where you can fill it with pepper.  I assume you had to grind it first!  Sometimes the old cork for the bottom hole is still with the pot.

Early 19th Century Transferware Pepper Pots

English Pepper Pot circa 1830

I didn't have a good photo of a salt cellar,  but you can see its general shape.  You would have
used a salt spoon or your fingers.

English Salt Dish or Salt Cellar, Willow Pattern Border, Circa 1840

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