Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Although not as popular as dogs on transferware, cats are found on many patterns.  I love dogs and cats, actually any animal (perhaps not most insects or arachnids). I have noticed that most of my favorite cat patterns are found on items made for children, but not all.  Below are some of my favorite  patterns plus a few of my favorite cats.  All of the china is 19th century.  The cats are more recent.

Child's plate,  The Mischievous Cat, 5.5 inches/The cat has killed a pet bird.  Today we might call the pattern Bad Cat! This may be another inappropriate pattern for children.

Child's mug/Do you think the girl will be able to teach the cat a lesson?

Child's mug, Cat After Bird, 3.75 inches/Two handles would make the mug easier for a young child to hold

Joey waits for a bird to come to the birdbath

Bowl, 4 inches high by 9.5 inches in diameter, ca. 1825/The child cuddles the cat and looks at a dog

Child's mug, 3 inches high/the cat is not amused by the dog!

Child's alphabet plate, Cat And Kittens, 7 inches, Thomas & Benjamin Godwin (1809-1834)

Cats can be very decorative!  Here is my 25 pound Ragdoll

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