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Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846), The Point 3.5 inch cup plate, ca. 1825/Notice that the only part of the border used is the stringing on the inner part of the border
When it comes to dog patterns on transferware, you are spoiled for choice!  I certainly had a tough time figuring out which patterns I wanted to include in this blog post.  As with the cat patterns, see my post Cats On Transferware,  most of the dogs appear on children's plates and mugs, but there are also many patterns on dinner services (and other items intended for adults).  For example, the Transferware Collectors Club shows nine patterns in their database which feature dogs in Enoch Wood & Sons' Sporting Series.  There are five patterns with dogs in the Quadrupeds series by John Hall & Sons.  I'll show you a few of the patterns.

Enoch Wood & Sons, Water Spaniel 10 inch plate

Enoch Wood & Sons, Three Hounds 5.75 inch plate
You can read more about the Setter plate seen below in my blog post titled Golden Retriever. 
Enoch Wood & Sons, Setter 10 inch soup plate

Enoch Wood & Sons Running Dogs 4.5 inch cup plate

Enoch Wood & Sons Pointer and Quail 8.5 inch plate

Here are a few dogs from the Quadrupeds series.

John Hall (& Sons) 1814-1832 Mastiff  6.5 inch plate, ca. 1825
John Hall English Setter 5.5 inch plate

John Hall Dalmation or Coach Dog 6 inch plate
I thought I would also show another dog pattern. This one was made by Ralph Stevenson (& Son).  All of the items in the Stevenson service have the same central pattern.  The dog is similar to Wood's Water Spaniel, but it is actually a springer spaniel.

Ralph Stevenson (& Son) 1810-1835, Springer Spaniel, 10 inch plate, ca. 1825

My last photo is a vignette of patterns that feature dogs.  Only the soup plate is part of a dinner service, but at least all of the items were intended for adults!

Clockwise:  Herculaneum soup plate, Field Sports; Unknown maker stilton cheese stand, Game Keeper; Unknown maker jug with pointer (same pointer that is seen in the Enoch Wood plate above); Unknown maker toothbrush box lid

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