Thursday, December 26, 2013


I recently focused on transferware dog patterns.  I suggested that many dog patterns are found on items intended for children.  Here are a few that feature children and dogs.  As you can see,  I interspersed transferware patterns with photos of real children and dogs.  Obviously, the relationship between children and dogs has not changed in the past nearly two hundred years!

My Noble Dog 4.88 inch child's plate, ca. 1830

Child riding a noble dog

Faithful Fido 4.5 inch child's plate, ca. 1840

 Faithful Fido!
The Familiar Friend 7.25 inch child's plate, ca 1840
Familiar friends!
Probably Minton (1793-1872) 7.5 inch teapot stand, ca. 1825/I would call this pattern Trusted Friend as the dog is trusting the girl with her puppies./This pattern, of course, is not on an item intended for children.
Trusted Friend/ The dog is making sure the child doesn't go too close to the ocean

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