Friday, February 5, 2016


Maker unknown, 3 inch mug "Foot-Ball," late nineteenth century

The title of this post is silly.  The Superbowl is only 50 years old.  But, there is football on transferware.  Of course, it is what we in the United States call soccer.

J. & G. Meakin (1851-2004) 5.37 inch child's plate "Foot-Ball," second half of the 19th century.

However, there is one very American sport (that I know about) on 19th century transferware; Baseball.

"American Sports/Base Ball Caught On The Fly" 7.88 inch plate, 19th century.

"American Sports/Base Ball Striker & Catcher" 7.38 inch plate

"American Sports/Base Ball, Running To First Base" 7.94 inch plate

"American Sports/Base Ball Out On The Third Base" 6.25 inch plate

Cricket has been compared to baseball (it is now one word rather than two), but the games are quite different.  Although, both use balls and bats.

Charles Allerton & Sons (1832-1942) 7.5 inch plate, late 19th or early 20th century

J. & G. Meakin (1851-2005) 5.38 inch plate "Cricket," 19th century

"Cricket" child's mug, late 19th century

Alphabet 5.64 inch plate "Cricket," 19th century.  The pattern was intended to aid in teaching the alphabet.  It features the letters "V W X," along with a molded alphabet border.

"Cricket" 2.75 inch mug, late 19th century

You have probably noticed that all of the patterns I have shown you so far appear on plates and mugs intended for children, but the soup tureen below is part of the "Metropolitan Scenery" dinner service.

Windsor Castle soup tureen from the "Metropolitan Scenery" series by an unknown maker, ca, 1825.  It is copied from a print titled "Grand Cricket Match" from the  1793 issue of the "Sporting Magazine."   Notice Windsor castle in the top middle of the tureen.

Grand Cricket Match from the "Sporting Magazine."

I have only included team sports in this post.  Individual sports such as archery, badminton, and tennis (popular 19th century sports) also appear on transferware, as do field sports such as hunting.  Perhaps I'll write about them another day.

Enjoy Super Bowl 50!  I'll be reading a book about pottery.


  1. I recently dug up a cup with the same scene as on the "VWX" plate in my alley in Philadelphia. Really glad to find accurate info about this.

  2. Happy to be of help. Where is you alley in Philadelphia? My alley in the 1950s in Philadelphia was between Webster and Christian (I think) Street.