Sunday, March 27, 2016


It was recently National Butterfly Day. I know very little about butterflies and moths,  except that they are insects.  I am a bit afraid of insects like roaches and wasps, but I love bees, butterflies, and moths, so I thought I'd show you some patterns with butterflies and moths.   I have already written about bees;  Bees, Honey And The New YearBees And Transferware, and The Beemaster Pattern.  I don't know of any patterns with roaches and wasps.

Saucer, maker unknown, ca. 1825.

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) 10.5 inch plate in the so-called "Butterfly Border" series.

Enoch Wood & Sons 7.25 inch plate in the "Butterfly Border" series.

Thomas & John Hollins (1789-1809) pickle dish known as Butterfly and Flower.

C.M. & C.J. Mason (1813-1826) 8 inch plate "Butterfly and Mazarine Chrysanthemum" pattern.

W.T. Copeland (& Sons) 1847-1970 Aesthetic Movement pattern.  The two-digit year impressed cypher on the back is for 1878.
Minton Hollins & Co. (1868-1962) 6 by 6 inch tile, ca. 1880.

Maker unknown, 6 by 6 inch Aesthetic Movement pattern, ca. 1880.

I have shown you just a few patterns that feature moths and butterflies on items intended for adults.  There are also many on items for children.

Child's plate with a molded alphabet border, "I'll Be A Butterfly."

"The Butterfly" child's plate with a molded border.  Looks as if the boy is trying to capture the butterfly.

Three inch plate with a butterfly pattern. Possibly part of a toy tea or dinner service.

"The Butterfly" child's mug, ca. 1840.  Do you see the butterfly?

Transferware child's toy plate with butterfly.

Below are a bunch of cups and saucers printed with moths.  I was cleaning them in a tub of water.

Transferware moths, ca. 1825.

One more butterfly.  Not pottery.

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