Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedgwood Water Lily

Wedgwood Water Lily, c. 1811
Wedgwood Water Lily, c. 1808

The Pattern And Source Print Database of the Transferware Collectors Club has thirteen different categories and many, many sub-categories.  Today I am showing you one of my favorite patterns from the Floral and Botanical category.   The Water Lily pattern was originally engraved in 1808 for printing in brown with enamelled decoration.    However, the pattern was expensive and difficult to make.  In 1811, Josiah Wedgwood II gave instructions that it should be removed from display, saying it would be reissued in blue with an altered border. The resulting pattern was one of the finest of the period, and it enjoyed a long life.   The center pattern consists of 3 flowers: 1) Sacred Lotus of Buddha, 2) Starry Water Lily, and 3) Lotus of Egypt.  The patterns were copied from source prints found in books and magazines that featured botanical drawings and engravings.

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