Friday, June 28, 2013


A friend from San Diego brought me eggs from her chickens.  She is a transferware lover, and wondered if there were chickens on transferware.  I showed her a bunch of patterns.  Chickens were  useful barnyard animals in rural areas in 19th century Britain as well as the rest of the world (and still are).  They are experiencing a renaissance as useful pets in suburban and urban households today.  The last photo shows some gorgeous chickens in the backyard of a California suburban house.  Legally, you can have chickens in a non-rural area as long as you don't have a rooster.  I am tempted to buy a few.

Saucer, mother and child feeding chickens, c. 1825

Child's plate with girls feeding chickens, c. 1835

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) child's plate, c. 1825

Child's mug with girl feeding chickens, c. 1840

Custard cup with girl feeding chicken, c. 1825

Pet chickens at home in suburbia

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