Wednesday, June 19, 2013


"The Learned Dog" 2 inches high by 1.75 inches in diameter
Dogs are popular transferware patterns.  They are particularly popular on patterns made for children.  The pattern here has a dual purpose; to delight and to teach.  The dog stands on the entire alphabet on this tiny 2 inch by 1.75 inch mug.  I doubt the mug is big enough to hold much liquid (which is probably why it still is here nearly 200 years after it was made).  But it is big enough for young eyes to pick out all of the letters of the alphabet.  What a fun way to learn them!

I used this pattern on the cover of my book, "Dishy Animals ABC."  You probably noticed that the pattern on the mug below is printed on a white ground instead of yellow.   I would be happy to have the pattern in any color! 

"Dishy Animals ABC" (I am shamelessly promoting by book again!)
"The Learned Dog" 2.56 inches high by 2.38 inches in diameter

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