Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Or Magenta, Lavender, or Mulberry?

"What's in a name?"   My answer here would be that purple includes a lot of shades.

Ralph Hall (1822-1849) "Parisian Chateau" 8.5 inch plate, c. 1835

Unknown Maker, Cat with Cream 7.25 inch plate,  c. 1830

Thomas Fell & Co (1817-1890), Antiquarian pattern 9.75 inch plate, c. 1835

James and Ralph Clews (1813-1834) "Zoological Gardens" 8 inch plate, c. 1830

Unknown Maker "Sheep" pattern 5.62 inch child's plate, c. 1840

Unknown Maker, saucer showing a girl with a lamb and a sheep, c. 1830

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