Thursday, October 23, 2014


The theme of the fifteenth annual meeting (although this is a debatable point) of the Transferware Collectors Club was printing on ceramics. The meeting commenced with a lecture titled Perfecting Printing on Pottery by Pat Halfpenny.  Pat's lecture served as a springboard for the opening of an exhibit at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware titled Transferware: A Story of Pattern & Color.

David Hoexter, the TCC Internet Content Manager, at the Winterthur Museum Transferware exhibit
What is overglaze Printing?
Overglaze printing is exactly what is says; printing over the glaze!  Below are some example of overglaze printed items.

Overglaze items

Underglaze printing is, of course, applied under the glaze.

What is underglaze printing?

Underglaze items

In conjunction with the mortar and bricks exhibit at Winterthur,  the TCC and the Northern Ceramic Society launched an online exhibit on ceramics printing titled Printed British Pottery and Porcelain;
The online exhibit is an education.  The answers to the questions of overglaze and underglaze are found by clicking on the link above.

What Did They Make?  page from the online exhibit Printed Pottery and Porcelain 1750-1900

Printed British Pottery & Porcelain 1750-1900

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I am going to Philadelphia again this year (I try to visit every year).  I lived there for the first 22 years of my life.  Even though I have spent more that 40 years in California, I still feel like a Philadelphian.   I certainly still sound like one!

Although I don't generally collect tranferware printed with American historical views, I do collect Philadelphia views (or at least the more common and less expensive items).  The Transferware Collectors Club shows 33 Philadelphia patterns (two more than last year) in its Pattern and Source Print Database, but I shall show you three of my favorites.  I shall also show some views of Delaware, where the TCC is spending a day at the Winterthur Museum as part of its 15th annual meeting.

The Dam and Water Works, Philadelphia by Henshall, Williamson & Co. (1790-1828), 10 in. plate

Fair Mount Near Philadelphia by Joseph Stubbs (1822-1834), 10 in. plate/Notice the eagles in the border
Below is a souvenir for a child.  It features a goldfinch.  I would love to find this mug in a souvenir shop!
Present from Philadelphia by Maker Unknown, ca. 1830, 2.25 in. mug

Here are some Delaware patterns.

Thomas Mayer (1826-1838) Arms of Delaware 17 by 13 inch platter, ca. 1825/This pattern is one of twelve in the Arms of the States Series.  New Hampshire, one of the thirteen original states, has never been found.

Present from Delaware souvenir mug, ca. 1830
Below is a screen shot from the most recent TCC newsletter that highlights two of the exhibitions that will open in conjunction with the TCC annual meeting.   The online exhibition will be available to view by all of you on October 17.

Read about the upcoming transferware exhibitions!
The free online exhibition can be found here: