Sunday, October 4, 2015


Transferware teapots with different shapes and patterns and colors!

I love the patterns, shapes, and colors of transferware teapots from the first half of the 19th century.  I thought I'd show you a few of my favorites.  Along with the different shapes, focus on the finials, handles, and spouts; and in some cases, the feet.

Caveat Emptor:  make sure the lid has a steam hole.  Sometimes, the sugar bowl lid has been substituted (no steam hole).

"Juno" is in a carriage pulled by two peacocks, ca. 1800. 

The other side of the "Juno" teapot shows the world surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars.  Justice holding her scales is seen on the top right.  The Hebrew word, Shmayim, means sky or heavens. 

Cupid pattern teapot, ca. 1810

A London shaped teapot with a printed and painted bird, ca. 1820.

Ralph & James Clews (1814-1834) teapot printed with two spotted dogs, ca. 1825.  The pattern was also made by Ralph Stevenson (& Son) 1810-1835.  The dogs look like spaniels.

Ralph & James Clews (1814-1834) Swan pattern, ca. 1825

Ralph & James Clews (1814-1834) "Water Girl" teapot, ca. 1825

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) teapot with the given name Basket of Flowers, ca. 1830

Ralph & James Clews Pointer pattern teapot,ca. 1825

Other side of the Clews Pointer pattern teapot/The dog is chasing a rabbit or hare

Milkmaid pattern/notice the repaired spout and handle, ca. 1825

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) Gun Dogs pattern, ca. 1820. 

Girl with rake, ca. 1820/This is the same teapot seen on my blog border

Kingfisher pattern teapot, ca. 1825

This teapot is impressed "Union" on the bottom, but Union is not the name of the manufacturer.  The shape is unusual, and it has six feet, ca. 1830

Goat Milking pattern, ca. 1820

Rose pattern, ca. 1825

These are very unusual looking plants, perhaps they are strawberries, ca. 1825

Fallow Deer and Fawn teapot/four feet, ca. 1825

Unidentified building/Notice the lovely handle, ca. 1825

"Harvest Home" two color teapot, ca. 1835

John Ridgway (1830-1841) "Villa" two color teapot, ca. 1840

"The American Lark" purple teapot, ca. 1835
Notice that the spout of this teapot is shaped like a snake with its mouth open (or maybe it is something else).

Wood & Robinson "Peacock" pattern teapot (the peacock is located in the oval cartouche). 

I wish I owned them all!

Teapots and other glorious transferware.