Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Hunting Series 18.75 inch platter known as Fox Hunting - The Death.  Notice the many foxhounds surrounding the hunters. And the fox!

An afternoon walk led to a serendipitous discovery. David and I thought we'd take a detour through my old neighborhood, where I lived in the 1970s.  In front of my old house, there appeared a dog and two people. When I said that I used to live in their house, they treated us like old friends. (They would have welcomed us into the house, but Covid-19 prevented this.) We talked about neighbors we both knew, gardens, Palo Alto, and their dog. I thought the dog was a beagle, but I learned she was a foxhound. The old saying about a "light bulb going off in your head" actually happened to me! My brain went immediately to a dark blue transferware series known as the "Hunting Series."  It mainly features scenes from a fox hunt. The dogs looked like beagles with long legs, but I realized they were foxhounds.

Hunting Series 16.25 inch platter known as Fox Hunt - The Start

Hunting Series 14.6 inch platter known as Fox Hunting - In Full Cry

There are thirteen patterns from this series in the Transferware Collectors Club database. Not all feature foxhounds and foxes.

One more thing. What kind of bird is in the border? Is it being hunted too?

Hunting Series border. What kind of bird is this?