Friday, May 22, 2020


"Present from New York" 2.5 inch mug, ca. 1825, maker unknown.

I saw this small mug at an antiques fair many years ago. I liked the horse, but liked the text, "Present from New York," even more.  When I was a child, I was used to getting glass flamingos from my grandparents when they visited Florida, or a box of salt water taffy when they returned from Atlantic City.  However, they never brought me a pearlware mug that said "Present from Miami Beach." I wondered if there was a mug that said "Present from Philadelphia," which is my home town.  I did find a Philadelphia mug, but unfortunately, it wasn't for sale.

"Present from Philadelphia" 2.25 inch mug. The bird is goldfinch.

Now that I knew there were two mugs, I searched for others.  I found three more.

"Present from Delaware" 2.5 inch mug

"Present from Carolina" 2 inch mug

"Present from Boston" 2 inch mug

I have found three cities and two states, although Carolina could be either North Carolina or South Carolina. (By the way, all five of these mugs are in the Transferware Collectors Club Database.)  In the last twenty-five years, I haven't found another.  Do you know of any?