Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Ornithological Series 6.25 inch plate, Andrew Stevenson (1810-1827)

Andrew Stevenson impressed mark

Mourning Dove on nest with baby (notice the unhatched eggs).

Baby Mourning Doves
Spring brings baby birds to my garden.  My favorites are the Mourning Doves.   A pair always moves back into a nest they (or relatives) built on the top of the traffic light that hangs on the outside wall of my house (old traffic lights make excellent outdoor lighting).  The female lays her eggs and sits on them, while the male brings her food.   As this is a blog about transferware,  I thought I would show you a 6.25 inch plate featuring doves from the Ornithological Series.   More than one factory made the series, but this plate is impressed with the Andrew Stevenson (1810-1827) mark.  Almost every size and shape in this series shows a different bird or birds. 

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