Thursday, June 26, 2014


Can you ever have enough transferware?  Grandchildren?  For me, these are rhetorical questions.  My friend, Dora, would agree.

I recently bought a posset* cup that says A Grandmother's Gift.  I already had a small mug and a broken plate that said the same.  They are relatively rare.   And nearly 200 years old.  A Grandmother's gift is more than a mug or plate.  It symbolizes all you desire for the little ones: health, love, and happiness.  And a little luck.

*Posset is a British drink of warm milk curled with wine or similar and often spiced. From medieval times up until the 19th century it was often given when a person was unwell and could not eat solid food. Thanks to Nilly of Nilly Hall for this information.


  1. You have such pretty things in your life!

  2. Hello,
    I own a small Portuguese faience bowl with the same message, but in Portuguese "Lembrança da avozinha". Its purpose was to give the children a Portuguese traditional treat, marmalade (marmelada). I would be glad to send you a picture of my bowl. What would be the best way to do so?
    Congratulations on your blog.

  3. Hi Maria,

    I would love to see a photo of your bowl. You can send it directly to me at I think the English plate and mugs were Christening gifts or birthday gifts. I love marmalade! I didn't know it was a traditional Portuguese treat. I have made marmalade from local oranges and lemons from my own trees.