Friday, May 1, 2015


A collection of white ironstone
I just returned from a wonderful meeting of WICA (White Ironstone China Association) in Dayton, Ohio, where my husband, David Hoexter, gave two lectures (on advertising pottery and calendar plates).  I usually like my ceramics with print, but I was so taken with the shapes and glazes of the white ironstone, that I joined the club.  Despite the fact that David and I are transferware collectors, we were welcomed with great warmth.  We hope to go to next year's meeting in York, Pennsylvania.

A selection of the auction items in the WICA auction

I also enjoyed visiting  Dayton, Ohio.  I have never been there before.

Dayton, Ohio

We went to the Dayton Art Institute, where we saw a permanent exhibit of American Historical transferware. This was not really surprising, as lots of transferware was exported to Ohio in the 1820s (and throughout the 19th century).

Collection of American Historical transferware at the Dayton Art Institute: top left, Enoch Wood & Sons "Commodore MacDonnough's Victory" plate;  top right, Enoch Wood & Sons "Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road" plate;  middle left,  Ralph & James Clews "Landing Of La Fayette" platter; middle center,  Enoch Wood & Sons "States" platter; middle right, Joseph Stubbs "Fair Mount, Philadelphia" platter; bottom left,  Clews "Landing Of La Fayette plate;  "Our Nation's Guest" pitcher (depicting La Fayette); "Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia" soup tureen and cover; "La Fayette At Franklin's Tomb" coffee pot; and Clews "Peace And Plenty" plate

Patterns were even printed with Ohio views.  The patterns below are from the Pattern And Source Print Database of the Transferware Collectors Club.

"Sandusky" Ohio from the Cities Series, ca. 1825

Job & John Jackson (1831-1835) "Sulphur Springs, Delaware, Ohio" 10.75 inch soup plate

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) "Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road" 9 inch plate, ca. 1825

Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846) "Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road" 10 inch plate, ca. 1825

"Chillicothe" Ohio from the Cities Series, ca. 1825

Another view of "Chillicothe" Ohio from the Cities Series, ca. 1825

I also discovered the beautiful gardens and houses in Dayton's Historic Oregon District.

Creeping Phlox

Pink dogwood and purple lilacs

I never know where my love of ceramics will lead me.


  1. Some distant members of my family moved from Norfolk to Ohio to farm in the 19th century so it's really fascinating to see these pieces!

  2. Glad you like seeing the Ohio patterns!

  3. I have a peice I think us early Spode, 1750s possibly. Uts the colir & deaign that match, Im in Ohio, found this beauty in a thriftstore in Columbus, Ohio along with an antique wedgeqood, and a pitcher of red/brownish trasnferware, and cant find info on any lol...I could use some help. I grew up in Crooksville, Ohio(pottery heaven) & have some limited edition peices & non circulated peices from roseville, beaumont;&hull pottery. Id love to chat with you if possible.

  4. I dont think my plate is going to be in your database, I cant find another like it. I found the pattern, but not like this.not this bright blue either or the work of this. I think I should get it appraised, but I thought Id bring it here. Might be best if it goes in a museum.