Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Whittaker & Co. (1886-1892) "Hey Diddle Diddle" 5 inch plate/See the source print below.
Hey Diddle Diddle from "Favourite Rhymes For The Nursery" published by Thomas Nelson in 1870

May 1 is National Mother Goose Day.  Mother Goose and nursery rhymes often appear on transferware.  Many of the patterns, like the one above, were copied from popular 19th century books of children's nursery rhymes.  I have already written about both Mother Goose and nursery rhymes in my posts Nursery Rhymes On Transferware, Inappropriate Or Frightening Patterns For Children, and Cumulative Rhymes on Children's Pottery.   Take a look!

A selection of Mother Goose books

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