Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dora Landey and I wondered why her gorgeous floral soup plate was titled "Clematis."  The center of the plate is filled with large roses, passion flowers and peaches.  Clematis is a genus of climbing vines of mostly showy large flowers, but the clematis flowers here are small.  They are  found in the border and the mark on the back.  They also serve as a background for the larger fruit and flowers in the center. 

"Clematis" pattern soup plate by an unknown maker, c. 1825

"Clematis" pattern mark

Large clematis flowers in my garden (before the squirrels and the rats ate them).
I have spent hours trying to identify these small clematis flowers.  They may be Clematis Lanuginsoa Candida.  Or not.  Clematis Lanuginsoa are small white flowering clematis that bloom in the spring.  I still prefer the showy clematis found in my garden, but they would not have been a good background for the large flowers on the soup plate.


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  2. I really enjoy your transferware blogs Judie, and look forward to every one. This one in particular is soo informative. Thank you.

  3. The name aside, it is still a very pretty plate. Thanks for showing it.

  4. The small flowered clematis here in England is the variety Montana, which has masses of tiny pale pink blooms in early spring.

    1. Hi Sue, Since this is an English pattern, the flowers may be the Montana variety. Thanks for letting me know.