Saturday, September 21, 2013


I was intrigued by the peacock in the Chinoiserie setting, but the turkey seemed out of place.  A turkey is not an elegant fowl.  I did a bit of research and discovered that the pattern is part of a series know as the "Ornithological Series."  It was made by at least three manufacturers; possibly Minton and Hicks & Meigh but definitely Andrew Stevenson (see mark below).  I found source prints for the peacock and turkey in Thomas Bewick's  A History of British Birds: Volume 1, 1797.

Andrew Stevenson (1810-1827) Ornithological Series Peacock and Turkey, 10 inch plate

Andrew Stevenson impressed mark
Maker Unknown, Ornithological Series Peacock and Turkey 10" plate
Below are the source prints from Bewick.
Peacock from Thomas Bewick's A History of British Birds: Vol. I, 1797

Turkey from A History of British Birds: Vol. I, 1797

One of my favorite childhood games was "Find the Hidden Picture." I became rather good at it.  Although I am quite rusty, I did notice that some of the other birds in the source prints above were used in other patterns.  For example,  the peacock with the rounded open tail (seen on the bottom left of the Peacock print) is located on the platter below and the turkey with the open tail (seen on the right of the Turkey print)  is found on the Don Pottery plate at the bottom.  I guess if you are pirating source prints you make the most of them!

Unknown Maker Ornithological Series Peacocks 20.5 inch platter

Don Pottery (1801-1839) Turkey 6.5 inch plate

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