Monday, May 11, 2015


Some Ornithological Series patterns

My three year old granddaughter told me she wanted to be an ornithologist for Halloween.  When I asked her why, she said she liked birds.  So do I.  One of my favorite series is known as the Ornithological Series.  The series was made by many manufacturers, and most (but not all) of the patterns were copied from Thomas Bewick's  1797 "A History Of British Birds"  Vol. I (Land Birds) and Vol. 2 (Water Birds).   So,  a recent purchase of the bottom of an Ornithological Series soup tureen sent me searching for the source prints (how alliterative!) in Bewick.

Ornithological Series Soup Tureen Base

Pheasant from Thomas Bewick's "A History Of British Birds Vol.1" 1797

The Hoopoe from Thomas Bewick's "A History Of British Birds Vol.1" 1797

Inside of the Ornithological soup tureen/I didn't find the source prints/any ideas?

I have already written about the Ornithological Series in my post titled "Ornithological Series And Find The Hidden Picture."    It also featured in  "Transferware Pickle Dishes,"   "Thanksgiving And Turkeys On Transferware," and "Doves."   I hope you take a look!

Ornithological Series pickle dishes and tray

Ornithological Series 10 inch plate/Peacock and Turkey

Maybe Maya will be an ornithologist someday.  Her first words were "Caw" and "Quack."  Today (she's now five),  however,  she wants to be an artist and a baker.

Maya and Grandpa/Her pictures are actually butterflies


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  1. Happily for sweet Maya she's a girl and it's second nature for us to be multi-talented!