Saturday, October 23, 2021



If you can tear your eyes away from the transferware, you'll notice five large books.  They contain all of the 327 Dishy News posts that I have written since 2013. I had no idea you could transform your blog posts into paper books until a recent visit to our friends Mark and Sandra. Mark showed us two books he had made from blog posts of his visit to India. I was surprised at how well the books were formatted, as well as the quality of the paper and color. The company that Mark used was PixxiBook. I hoped PixxiBook wouldn't be too difficult to use, but the hardest thing I had to do was pick the colors of the covers!

I thought I'd show you how some of the posts look in the books. I hope you get an idea of the size of the books, 12 inches by 8.5 inches, and the excellent color of the pictures.


You may wonder why I chose to make hard copies of my blog posts. I have learned that everything is ephemeral, so I treated PixxiBook like insurance. If the Cloud disappears, I may still have the books. Or, if I have a house fire, I may still have the Cloud. More than that,  I am taking such pleasure in seeing the books on my book shelves.



One more thing. I wondered what I would choose for the covers of my books. Luckily, PixxiBook made that easy, as they offer a mosaic of photos from your book.  Below are the covers from Book 1 and Book 5.  


Just a few more photos from inside the books.  


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