Saturday, August 8, 2015


"The Learned Dog" on the cover of "Dishy Animals ABC."

I purchased a damaged yellow ware (or yellowware) pot and cover because I recognized the dog on the lid.  It was the same dog that patterns my yellow glazed earthenware child's mug (see below).  The pattern also graces (I love this pattern) the cover of my children's alphabet book "Dishy Animals ABC."  I even wrote about it in a blog post titled "Transferware Dogs or "The Learned Dog."

Child's yellow glazed 2.25 inch mug "The Learned Dog" and lid from a yellow ware pot.  The difficult to decipher print under the dog says (I think) "The Young Sportsman."

Child's yellow glazed mug "The Learned Dog" (standing on a mixed up alphabet) and the other side of the yellow ware lid with the mixed up alphabet.  The alphabet was used as a teaching tool.

I have long been fascinated by items that are printed with patterns that appear to be random bits and pieces.  The pot above is one of them.  Obviously, it is also poorly printed: a bit slap dash!  The printing is blurred and parts are missing.   My theory is the patterns were available for young potters learning how to transfer.  Certainly, the person who printed the Potters' Art poem needed more practice!  And, "The Young Sportsman" title under the dog leaves a lot of room for improvement.  The singing birds with the title "For Innocence & Truth" is the most successful print, although a bit uneven.

Yellow ware printed pot/"Innocence & Truth/Probably the best print on on the pot.

Poor quality printing on one side of the lidded pot.

I could only make out the first line of the "Potters' Art" because it appears on my yellow printed brownware mug.

Hard to say exactly what the caption says under the dog.  Perhaps it is "For A Young Sportsman."

I would love some feedback about my transfer practice theory.  I would even like to know the use of this pot.   Did it have anything to do with children?  The Potters' Art poem, the jumbled alphabet, and the dog are all found on items made for children.

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